Day of Service

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Friday for our Restoring Love Day of Service assignment, my family and I were given the address of Mission Arlington.  When we arrived around 8:20am, there was another volunteer out front and a familiar face to me, since I have been a long time follower of Glenn Beck.  The familiar face was that of George Lange.  Lange is a famous photographer that has captured moments in time not only for Beck, but the Obama’s, Jim Carrey, Ann Hathaway, Seinfeld, and more.  George was there to document the Day of Service for Beck’s media outlets.  We struck up a conversation that lasted the next 40 minutes that covered everything from cameras to politics to people.  It was a great conversation for someone that is in the media production business and a fan of Glenn Beck’s.

A few minutes before 9am, the group of volunteers were huddled together where we were prepped about what to expect and what was needed followed by a prayer.  We then dispersed into our groups to tackle our various tasks.  Our first task was to clean a building that was used for gathering and worship.  We mopped, swept, arranged chairs, changed light bulbs, clean windows, washed dishes, and more.  We had a great time talking to people in our group that were from Iowa, Alabama, Virginia, Utah, Florida, and Indiana.  When we wrapped up these tasks, we then moved on to moving electric fans that were purchased by a generous donor for people without air conditioning.  There were not just a few fans, there were hundreds!  Once we finished fanning we moved on to transporting diapers and boxes.

Throughout this process we mixed and mingled with other volunteers in the 107 degree heat.  Everyone was smiling, joking, and having a great time.  The volunteers ranged from the young to the young at heart.  I would guess 3 to 70 as well as many races and socio-economic backgrounds.

Mission Arlington was a great complex.  They need 2500 volunteers a week to keep it going.  Today, I believe we had about 600 just from Mercury One on the morning shift that were mixed in with hundreds of other Key Club and church groups that donated time to help.

This day of service was a blessing to those who use Mission Arlington’s services.  But it was also a blessing to all of us that took part in the day of service for Restoring Love.  We all walked away with a greater appreciation for one another and how many do not have the ordinary things that most of us take for granted.  I am glad that my children were a part of this great day and moreover this great week here in Dallas.  We have built memories here that will outlast anything that is ever written in the press about Restoring Love.  We also give thanks to God to allow us to be a part of the largest group of volunteers that has ever gotten together to help during a non-tragic event.  I believe that all of the 35,000 other volunteers would agree!



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