Teens are challenging to say the least.  As parents, we still want to protect them as we did when they were little but the teens want to be more independent and be treating like adults.  It is a tough balance to find.  Teens have all sorts of pressure to conform and fit in and the pressure is coming at them from all directions.  Us parents just hope that they are making good decisions while we are not there and we hope they are surrounding themselves with good people.  Show me your friends and we will show you your future.  Here at Strengthening America’s Foundation, we want to help be a pressure release valve for them.  We are working on projects that will empower teens with knowledge and resources to become great contributing members of society while entertaining them.  We want them to have an outlet where they can let their hair down but yet have positive influences and learn something at the same time.


iteenhub is the first vessel that we are launching for teens where they can go to be entertained but not have all of the negative influences.  Introduce your tweens and teens to this new outlet and watch for exciting new projects to come!!

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