Faith is probably the most important part of our lives.  No matter what your faith is, it is the foundation of your moral code.  Our founders came from different backgrounds and had different faiths yet they all agreed on their morals and their foundation in creating this country.  We urge you to be strong in your faith.  Know why you believe what you believe.  Our constitution was created using “Natural Law” or “God’s Law”.  We need to fight to bring this back at every turn.  Our constitution and faiths are under attack every day.

Strengthening America’s Foundation looks to help you strengthen your bond with your faith.  Your faith in God is what will serve you in trying times and in good times.


Here are some links to faith based videos that we have created.  Please enjoy and spread the word!

Faith Lesson #1:  Persevering Through Adversity With Faith

Faith Lesson #2:  Overcoming Adversity Through Faith In Jesus

Faith Lesson #3:  Renew Yourself Through Jesus

Faith Lesson #4:  Planting Good Seeds In Life

Faith Lesson #5:  Speaking Life

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