Freedom- If we want the government to do less, we need to do more

Lincoln Memorial

The United States is the last frontier for freedom in the world.  We have had an experiment on freedom for the past 200 years.  We have not always done things right but we have had the best system that the world has ever known.  In the 5000 years of man, only 5% of man has ever been free.  America has been where the majority of that freedom has been enjoyed.


Today, our freedoms are under attack from enemies both foreign and domestic.  It is up to people like us to strengthen America’s foundation and to get our country back on track before it is too late.  Join us in being an active contributing member of society.  Educate yourself, your family, and everyone you know.  We are headed for even tougher times but together we can pull the United States of America out of the clutches of socialism, communism, and Marxism.  Help us restore our democratic republic back to limited government.


In the coming weeks we will provide you with information, and lots of it.  We will educate you to things that you may not realize are going on.  Knowledge and information is power.  Together we stand, divided we fall!  Help us strengthen America’s foundation!

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