World View and Culture

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World view is so important to culture. It determines your view on how the world should work. Our nation’s founders had a biblical world view even though the founding fathers were a diverse group. Some were Christians, but others were atheists and Jews. However, the founders widely believed in nature’s law or “God’s Law.” In the founders’ world view, they believed that all rights came from God. Then the individual was created in God’s image to walk the Earth. Then the individuals made up the family, church, and state but remain separate. This was done to show that the church could not dictate to the government, the government could not house troops in your family’s home, and so on. The family was responsible for education, health, and welfare.

In the graphic you can see how Obama and the progressives’ world view is. They believe there is no God and that your rights come from the state. The state is also responsible for health, education, and welfare. The individual, family, and church should all look to the state for answers and aid. This view has been tried throughout history but it never works. It only works for those seeking to hold power over people. The people in this model never can be free.

The difference between these two world views is clear. Even if you do not believe in God, you can see that in the founders’ view the individual has the power. In the progressives’ view, the state has the power. Know the difference and be sure to share with your friends and family. The progressives have changed culture by advancing their world view and vice versa. If people of faith and those who believe in a Constitutional Republic are to survive and remain free, we must begin to influence the culture and illustrate to others how the founders’ world view works. It is proven to work. Be the change you seek in the world and influence our culture with a world view that is based on truth and freedom, not lies and slavery.

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